The Showcase Magazine - Issues
November 2008

"The request from Broadway Dance Theater was to paint a very unique Nutcraker theme composition where Clara would have dark hair and wear a red dress as opposed to her usual portrayal of being bright blond wearing something white or pale pink. The director/owner wanted to commemorate the event because her daughter Laura was playing the part of Clara 2007. It wasn't until the director said that, "The painting was done beautifully and will hang in my house year round ", that Tania felt that her job was truly gratifying! Through the years, Tania Sen's focus has always been on the happiness of the people who turned to her in their pursuit to add something beautiful and meaningful to their environment. Tania the cover artist for The Warren Showcase's Holiday Issue has also done work for Dance Express and Gotta Dance in the Warren area.

"2008 has been a year of taking baby steps", says Tania who has had three group shows with in a Chelsea area gallery in New York City, "Icons", a solo show at the Somerset Art Association in Bedminster, and one at the Albrook Montessori School Gallery, in Liberty Corner. "Icons" was heralded as a "makeover" for "ancient Hindu deities", by Courier News. Constantly exploring new subject matters and a new style of rendition of familiar subject matters, Tania is keenly aware of the preference of her audience. Even while painting a landscape for the Morris Union Jointure Commission in Warren, Tania applied her understanding of the mind of the autistic child and represented a single sunny landscape on a span of four over sized canvases, thus upholding the fragmented absorption of a single and expansive experience by these children.

Locally, her artwork and murals may be seen at the Somerset Hills YMCA, Center Space in Basking Ridge and Frame of Mind and Central School in Warren. Having been in the NYC design industry for 15 some years, Tania still undertakes design contracts involving print and web GUI, as her day job, but she moonlights in putting a face to the visualization of ideas, with the paint brush and loves it! For more about Tania, please visit her website at or interact on her blog at: