The Showcase Magazine - Cover Artist

Laura Lee Zanghetti is best known for her series of "Umbrella Ladies" and her beach scenes, these two themes are what she is most passionate about .... other than her grandchildren of course.

Laura was born in Boston, MA and lives now with her husband of 48 years in Walpole, MA. She is for the most part, self-taught through her many books and magazines, studying the works of, to name only a few, Richard Schmid, Kim English, Andre Kohn, Jeremy Mann and the old masters .... Sargent, Sorolla and W.M. Chase, etc.

Laura has always enjoyed drawing, as a child all she had was a piece of chalk and a city street to draw on. Now with her family grown she has been able to paint full-time in her home studio for the past 20 years.

With the encouragement of her friends and the requests of local artists she teaches oil and acrylic painting on Tuesday mornings at Studio East in Walpole. It is her use of texture and color that attract her students. It's also the many techniques and subjects that she teaches, from "Shabby Chic" florals to cows in a field or portraits or seascapes.

The first thing that people notice in her art is how she textures the canvas for her "Umbrella Series" and her use of color. The viewer is drawn in always wondering how she did that.

Laura's work is on line at or you can see her work at the Studio and Art Gallery at Patriot Place in Foxboro, MA. Laura works the Gallery one weekend a month. You can email her at for her work schedule or to commission a painting.