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Wreath makingĀ 

By Lauren Holstein

Since you have most likely spent the majority of 2020 in quarantine mode, you might have already learned how to DIY everything. But I am hoping there is one last project you can pair with your holiday spirit. Get ready to easily elevate the entrance into your home with a holiday wreath. While this seasonal embellishment may be associated with Christmas, they can also be non-denominational. You can even SHOWCASE your joy on the front door for all to see after the project is complete!

When planning your wreath making event, I’ll leave it to you as to whether you want to invite guests into your home or stick to your immediate household members. (I’m not pretending to be the CDC.) If DIY-ing on the side of safety, pre-plan your wreath-making party for a date and time that works with friends and family. Hanging out over a Zoom group session can help to create a sense of creative camaraderie. 

Stylish wreaths can be made for every individual’s design and taste, so let inspiration strike even when prepping materials. For decorations, select supplies from your favorite craft store or repurpose household supplies. For core materials, below are three wreath bases to help set the foundation for your creation.

1. Grapevine Wreath: A grapevine wreath is made of entwined twigs. It’s the most popular for being the sturdiest wreath-making base.

Tip: This base is great if you plan to attach embellishments such as eucalyptus pods, juniper sprigs, or snowberries to your wreath. When styling your look, cluster them together and attach them to the base of the wreath using wire to secure them in place.

2. Styrofoam Wreath: A Styrofoam wreath is super lightweight, plus creates a smooth and rounded design. 

Tip: This base is great if you plan to wrap materials, such as fabric or yarn, entirely around your wreath. (This base is also good if you’re designing with children.) When adding embellishments, such as crystals, use straight pins to adhere them to the wreath whenever you’d like them to appear.

3. Craft Ring Wreath - A craft ring is a thin, circular cardboard or wooden base. It’s sturdy, easy-to-use, and easy to find at your local craft store.

Tip: This base is great if you plan to design directly onto the foundation with products like paint, spray paint, colored markers, etc. It’s also another great option for children. Plus, they can add stickers as their final design touches. If adding embellishments to a craft ring, use a heavy-duty glue or hot glue gun.

Once you’ve added your signature touch, it’s time to show off your work. To hang the wreath, cut a piece of ribbon or string long enough so that the wreath will hang at the desired height on the door. (Around 3-5 inches should do the trick.) Use an over the door frame hook to place it on display without causing damage to the door. Another option includes using a Command strip or magnetic hook, which can hold over 15 lbs. Both can be bought on Amazon or found at your local drug store.

I hope this helps inspire you to showcase your holiday spirit while remaining healthy and socially distanced. Enjoy displaying your seasonal and stylish wreaths!