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Custom Flower Pot Party

By Lauren Holstein

Entertaining in the home usually sparks images of a Stepford Wives’ Pinterest board or Oprah’s Instagram on Harvest Day, but this time we’re getting our hands dirty! With the warmth of the summer Sun, June is the perfect time to invite some friends to your outdoor space for a Custom Flower Pot Party. This activity is a hit for all age groups and leaves so much room for creativity! Plus, guests will enjoy their flowers and decorated pots for long after the party is over.

The first step to a Custom Flower Pot Party requires some prep work. It is your preference if you want to gather all the materials or want to ask your guests to divide and conquer in gathering them. Here is what you’ll need:

-Small flower pots (one per guest)

-Planting Soil

-Paint, Sharpies, Pencils, Stickers, Glitter, and Brushes for decorating the pots

-Small shovels or spoons

-Shoe boxes for everyone to bring home their pot

-Flowers (enough for everyone)

-Have a finished example on display so people know what they are making

Once you have all your supplies, it’s time to set the scene. Whether it’s out in the grass or on a picnic table, make sure there is enough comfortable seating for everyone. I recommend laying out the materials beforehand on plastic tablecloths to create stations for each person. (This will also keep the table safe from paint.) The stations create an inviting atmosphere for your guests when they sit down.

If you have multiple tables, you can have crafting stations specific for pot decorating and another for flower potting. This will help to separate supplies, keeping them cleaner, and decrease any wait time for guests if they split into groups.

I recommend starting the party with pot decorating. Have inspiration ideas printed out and shared across the table. It's also a great idea to have pre-decorated sample pots available to pass around. Make some of the inspiration ideas traceable so that people can sketch onto the pot directly and then paint over their tracing. After people are finished creating their masterpieces, let the pots dry.

This would be a perfect time for some snacks and refreshments. Food is obviously a personal preference but given it’s an outdoor summer party, it’s the perfect time to fire up the grill. Hotdogs and burgers would be an easy option for this picnic style occasion, along with pretzels and chips for snacking.

About thirty minutes later, have guests chose a flower to plant in their pot and take home with them! Use either a small shovel or plastic spoon to scoop the soil. Have guests then select their flower of choice and place it gently into their pot. Then add additional soil into the pot, filling in the gaps surrounding the flower. I recommend sprinkling some water into the pot if the soil is dried out.

The last step is placing the pots into everyone's individual shoebox for safe transportation home. Hopefully, your guests are proud of their DIY skills and ready to nurture their flower as it blossoms!