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Meal Kits to Order

By Lauren Holstein

As we spring into a new season, but will still, unfortunately, be pandering to the unknowns of COVID-19, some might not be ready to leave the house for fine dining.

However, New York City is known for being a place where you can get anything you want, at any time you want. Lucky for us, this includes food from the most popular restaurants. Unfortunately, it’s not in the form of the chef coming to cook for you inside your home. You can now get meal kits to make at home from several of NYC’s staple restaurants. So, the next time you’re not in the mood to cook dinner from scratch, try these meal kits from local favorites in NYC.

Here are three tasty options from restaurants that pivoted during the challenges of the pandemic:


Cuisine Type: Italian 

Restaurant Location: Flatiron

Price: $135 per package

Portion: Feeds 2

Rezdôra originally opened in mid-2019 with much anticipation. Pre-pandemic, the small, rustic Italian restaurant was always full, and reservations were hard to come by. The chef, Stefano Secchi, considered one of Italy’s best chefs, is known for using seasonal ingredients from farmers' markets and house-made pasta. Now is your chance to experience a taste of Italy. 

Enjoy Rezdôra at home with their 5-course meal kit:

  • • Antipasti (choice of 3 salads)
  • • Primi (choice of 3 home-made kinds of pasta)
  • • Secondi (Cow Grazing in Emilia Romagna)
  • • Contorni (choice of 2 sides)
  • • And of course, dessert

Place your order at least two days in advance.

Nom Wah Nolita

Cuisine Type: Chinese

Restaurant Location: Nolita

Price: $27

Portion: Makes 4 servings / 24 pieces

Craving dumplings? Well, this dim-sum parlor known for blending Chinese flavors and American ideas invites you to bring the heat into your kitchen. Whether you want to fold your own dumplings or simply steam up a batch of wontons, their House Special Wontons with Red Oil meal kit has everything.

Satisfy your stomach with their kit that includes frozen wontons (pork, shrimp, and mushrooms), seasoned chili oil blend, fresh cilantro, sliced scallion, and crispy fried garlic. 

Hopefully, you enjoy the kit so much that you eventually go in person to see their signature Nom Wah aesthetic of cartoon dumpling murals.

Miss Lily’s

Cuisine Type: Caribbean 

Restaurant Location: East Village 

Price: $70

Portion: Feeds up 4

Located on Avenue A and East 7th Street for 30 years, Miss Lily's is known for having a lively atmosphere and flavorful food. To ensure their customers continue to have the dinner party experience they associate with the Miss Lily's name, the restaurant launched a kit called "Jamaica in a Box," which even includes an instructional video from chef Andre Fowles and a curated reggae playlist. 

Additionally, the kit comes with a 3-course meal, including jerk chicken with Miss Lily's signature sauce, jerk corn with jerk mayo and toasted coconut flakes, sides of rice and peas, cucumber escovitch, mango chutney, and banana pudding.

Place your order at least two days in advance.

While NYC might not be "normal," their restaurants will always be serving up tasty options to indulge in. It might even be too hard to choose only one meal kit to bring home!