The Showcase Magazine - Salutes

By Sue Baldani

Dr. Jyotsna Thapar and Dr. Pragnesh Patel believe in treating their patients as they would their own family and friends. The practice, Ankle & Foot Specialist of N.J., has been caring for patients since 2005.

“The level of care that we give is incomparable,” said Dr. Patel. “We really treat our patients like family members, and patients will see that from the very beginning. Others may have the same medical degrees that we do, but the level of personal care and personal touch is what separates us from other practitioners.”

The doctors use the latest technology to treat adults and children with all aspects of foot and ankle issues, from bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, and plantar fasciitis, to flat feet, athlete’s foot, and sprains. They also repair sports-related injuries such as fractures of the foot and ankle. In addition, the doctors also welcome patients seeking second opinions on surgical treatments and can help them make decisions about their options.

“Surgically, we now have better hardware and are able to get patients back on their feet and back to work much quicker,” said Dr. Patel. “Twenty years ago, you were told that you’d be out of your work for three months and wouldn’t be able to put any weight on the foot. Today, that has gone down to two weeks for most operations, with a maximum of three or four, depending on the type of surgery.”

The doctors not only treat their patients but teach them as well. They feel it’s important to educate people about proper foot and ankle care.

“Preventative steps are very important. Some of the measures people can take to avoid foot and ankle issues are by, first, wearing custom orthotics; second, wearing the right pair of shoes; and third, by staying active,” said Dr. Patel.

Dr. Patel further explained that for diabetics, it’s very important to have a podiatrist in their health care regimen. Their feet should be seen every two months for a diabetic foot check-up. Significant studies have been done to show that this essentially prevents more serious issues such as infection and amputation.

In order to provide the best outcome for their patients, both doctors support each other and work together as a team.

“Dr. Thapar has been practicing for over 16 years now, and she works the same exact way as I do. We have the same training background and believe in caring for our patients the same way,” said Dr. Patel.

Ankle & Foot Specialist of N.J. has locations in East Brunswick, Hillsborough, South Plainfield, Warren, and Woodbridge. They also accept walk-ins.

Dr. Patel always knew he wanted to become a doctor and help people. Besides his regular duties, he is also involved with Operation Footprint, an organization that helps fix club feet in children in impoverished countries at no cost. Every January, he travels with a team of surgeons who see 200 kids in two days and who perform 40-50 surgeries.

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