The Showcase Magazine - Salutes

By Erik Slagle

For more than 10 years, Sumara and Imran Ahmad commuted to jobs in the financial industry on Wall Street. During that time, their two children – now in elementary school – attended and thrived at a Goddard School. Seeing how strong a foundation their own children had thanks to a Goddard School education, they decided to set out on a new path in life: to open a Goddard location of their own and give parents that same wonderful experience.

That dream came true when the new school opened its door to families on May 13th. With a Grand Opening celebration planned for June 15th, the Goddard School of Long Hill will provide families across the area with a new option for highly personalized early childhood education. For Sumara and Imran, the impact a Goddard School had on their own family is what makes this such a personally satisfying milestone.

“Seeing what a Goddard School did for our children was the inspiration for this venture,” Sumara says. “We want our preschool to have that same feeling of an extended family, and to give other parents that opportunity for their children to truly excel.”

Following a unique F.L.EX. (Fun Learning Experience) program, Goddard schools deliver a leading-edge curriculum combined with the caring, nurturing environment crucial to the preschool experience. That curriculum focuses on vital STEAM topics – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics – and presents them in a play-based format. Beyond academics, a child’s emotional, social, and creative skills are also developed. And with stringent procedures in place for security and safety, the Ahmads’ preschool will be a place parents can feel comfortable leaving their children.

To that end, Sumara and Imran have also equipped their Goddard School a state-of-the-art sanitizing system called Zono, which uses pure ozone – not harsh chemicals or steam – to kill 99% of germs on all kinds of surfaces. Imran describes Zono as eco-friendly and points out that the system not only improves the sanitation of the entire facility; it also frees up teachers to spend more one-on-one time with their children.

“Our teachers create lessons tailored to the needs of their students, and that takes up a good deal of their time,” he says. “They should be using the time they have for teaching and building lesson plans, not for cleaning. Having the Zono system at our school allows our staff to keep their attention on the classroom.”

“We want parents to know we place the highest emphasis on safety, security and cleanliness,” Sumara adds. “Our commitment to the children’s well-being will be evident in every aspect of the care and education we deliver.”

Sumara says that Long Hill’s family-oriented community atmosphere drew her and Imran to want to open their school here – “We’ve really fallen in love with the town,” she says – and they look forward to serving families from across the area. “We’ve seen the difference that a Goddard School education made in our own children, and we’re proud to be able to offer that same benefit to families in this community.”

Sumara and Imran invite families to tour the facility, now open at 57 Plainfield Road in Long Hill. When fully operational, the school will have capacity for 135 students being taught and cared for by a team of 26 educators. Parents of children from six weeks to six years old are invited to enroll.

Reach out to the Goddard School of Long Hill at (908) 991-7373 to schedule a tour or visit them online at (search for the Long Hill Township, NJ location). Meet Sumara and Imran Ahmad and experience their inspiring story firsthand!