The Showcase Magazine - Salutes

By Sue Baldani

Even as a very young child, Dr. Stacy Thompson always knew she wanted to be a pediatrician. At her 8th grade graduation, she gave a speech about her goal.

“I’ve been a pediatrician for 10 years, and watching families and kids grow, along with navigating the challenges that come with each different stage of development, has been incredibly rewarding for me,” said Dr. Thompson. “It’s the best part about being a pediatrician.”

Dr. Laura Diaz always planned to work with children, and after being introduced to a medicine program and shadowing a few pediatricians, she knew she had found her calling.

“I’m a new mom, so for me, talking to the new moms and helping them acclimate to motherhood is very rewarding,” said Dr. Diaz. “I’m passionate about making them feel comfortable with the care that their children are getting.”

Both doctors are part of the Watchung Pediatrics team. With offices in Millburn, Fanwood, and Warren, the practice is always expanding and evolving.

“I think it’s important that all our providers practice evidence-based medicine (using data and information from studies and scientific research to back up medical decisions), so we’re all on the same page,” said Dr. Thompson.

“You’re practicing medicine you feel good about because there is research to support it,” adds Dr. Diaz.

Watchung Pediatrics is also very responsive to their patients’ needs.

“If parents aren’t sure about bringing their children in, there’s always someone here, always someone answering the phone,” said Dr. Thompson. “I tell parents that if they’re worried, they can always give a call and speak to the doctors and nurses who can help steer them in the right direction.”

“I think we do a really good job of giving parents a lot of anticipatory guidance,” said Dr. Diaz. “We have a great support staff and great nurses who know our patients well.”

With spring here, it brings with it an increase in certain illnesses and injuries.

“Since kids are spending more time outside and getting back to their sports, we definitely see an increase in playground injuries and sports-related injuries,” said Dr. Thompson. She advises using protective gear where appropriate.

“Allergies are also a big issue for kids in the spring,” said Dr. Diaz.

To keep children healthy and happy, both doctors have some useful recommendations.

“At home, focus on healthy eating, exercise, and keeping screen time to a minimum,” said Dr. Thompson. “And keep up to date on vaccines.” She also stressed the importance of using car seats and seat belts.

“Spend quality time with your children, even if it’s just a walk in the park, where your child can talk to you,” recommends Dr. Diaz. “It’s important to be together as a family, instead of focusing on material things. And, remember to take care of yourself as a parent.”

Dr. Diaz practices at the Fanwood location, and is fluent in Spanish. Dr. Thompson works out of the Millburn office and is also a town resident. She had previously been with another practice in Millburn for 10 years.

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