The Showcase Magazine - Articles

By Adnan Contractor

Recently, student attention has been on Script and Cue's production of Fiddler on the Roof. Cast, crew, orchestra members, parents, and other key supporters have invested nearly six months of time and resources to rehearse and publicize the productions that were held on the weekend of March 22 - 24. Following successful evening performances on Thursday and Friday, an excited public packed the seats for an afternoon Matinee that marked the final call until next time.

In addition to arts news, spring season athletics are well into the season. With rising temperatures and longer days, senior athletes committed to playing in the NCAA are also committed to a final, strong season in the WHRHS uniform, sports such as lacrosse and men's tennis are giving many of their respective freshman participants the first opportunity they have had to represent Watchung Hills on the turf or court, and many sophomore and junior athletes are contending for varsity standards and potential NCAA spots. Because the athletic department is in the hands of new administration, a great deal of excitement has been placed on organization and cohesion, which has always been a priority, but has recently been very well demonstrated.

Senior students are nearing the end of the college admissions timeline as most decision letters have been mailed or uploaded. The challenges now lie in identifying the best possible option for how and where to continue an academic career, which can be a relatively stressful experience at 17 and 18 years old. The good news is that choices lie in the students' hands now, which is different from how they were in the last few months. For some seniors, decisions have been made since last August, for others, deliberation is in progress, and for still others, attending college is not in the immediate agenda. Many successful students utilize their diplomas in different ways.

The student body in general is in intense preparation for the conclusion of the third marking period, AP exams, standardized tests, and specifically for juniors, mapping a postgraduation plan. Requests for electives for the next school year have been received and there is growing focus on how to best spend the summer months. Summer involvements are generally very diverse, as the student body is extremely diverse, and can be planned anywhere from December of the previous year to June. Freshmen students are no longer freshmen (even if they are on paper), and not only because we are nearing graduation, but general awareness of the school's many resources has placed them on a higher level of understanding of how and where in the school one may invest their time. This is of course evidenced by growing freshmen participation in athletics, academic organizations, and Fiddler on the Roof.