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Julie Urban is the Spice Up your Style Editor for The Showcase Magazine as well as the Social Media Director. She grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and attended the University of Delaware, where she majored in Communications and English, with a minor in journalism. In college, she decided to apply her writing skills in the marketing field and scored internships with Proctor & Gamble, HP/Intel Computers, Beats Audio Headphones, Under Armour, and CBS. While at UD, she was an Editor for UD’s fashion magazine, UDress, and she was also an active member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority where she was the social chair. Julie now works for a cybersecurity company in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area as a Digital Marketing Manager.

In her spare time, Julie loves hanging out with her boyfriend and friends that live in the D.C. area, as well as traveling to see her friends from UD that live all over the country. She enjoys finding new recipes, outfit inspiration, and DIY projects to create from fashion bloggers and Pinterest. Even though they don’t always turn out like the original photo, she still enjoys trying! In her spare time, she (kind of) enjoys working out and finding new exercises to offset all those Pinterest baking experiments. Julie loves traveling back to Bucks County to see her hometown friends and family that still live in the area. Her guilty pleasures are all reality TV shows on E!, Bravo, and of course, The Bachelor! She has been known to live tweet awkward/hilarious episodes of the Bachelor, photos of her travels, DIY projects, and cute outfits so make sure you follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @JewelE_City.