The Showcase Magazine - Salutes

By Lauren Holstein

Revamping your health and wellness can be an overwhelming task. The gym is full of intimidating machines; you may not know how to use half of them, or just use the same three… or worse, you end up not utilizing your membership and waste hundreds of dollars.

The Max Challenge, founded in 2011 by Bryan Klein, was designed to be more than just another typical "gym." Klein wanted to provide a system that would combine nutritional counseling and the right dose of daily motivation that most people need to get results. Now with nearly 100 locations across the country, The Max helps people who are ready to make a change to their physical appearance and health.

This fitness routine includes classes five days a week, varying them between cardio, strength training, and many members' favorite – kickboxing! Sara Kirsch, Manager/Instructor of the New Providence location, explains, “As the ten weeks progress, the workouts become slightly more challenging, so members are always being pushed just enough outside their comfort zone. We also provide our members with a Nutrition Program that will teach them the right foods to eat, how much of them to eat, and the times of day that are best to enjoy their meals.”

Sara joined the Max Challenge in June of 2016 as a member. “The first aspect that I appreciated was the daily classes that are on the schedule at the same time each day. I was tired of other gyms whose class schedule changed so much that I couldn't gain traction or consistency. Additionally, I jumped right into the Nutrition plan, which is a huge part of the program.” Another huge perk for Sara was how the “trainers, managers, and owners helped me understand what foods I should be eating, and how much of them on a daily basisdaily, so that I could make it work for me.”

After completing her first Max Challenge, Sara expressed interest in becoming a trainer and then manager. “I earned my certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and became certified as well as a Max Challenge Instructor. I love what I do every day!”

In addition to learning fitness and nutrition skills, Max Challenge members also gain a sense of community. “We are proud to say that everyone is welcome at the Max, all ages, genders, fitness abilities, and backgrounds! The only requirement is that members leave their negativity at the door, and get ready to work individually and as a team to make sure everyone in the room is successful!” says Sara.

One major success story in the community is Ron from Scotch Plains who attends our New Providence location. “Wearing a knee brace, he attended his classes day after day, modifying when he needed to, and followed the nutrition program. Ron went on to lose over 80 pounds and 33 inches in 1 year! He is now one of our newest trainers for the evening classes,” says Sara.

Outside of the classroom, members keep their sense of community through a private Facebook group. Sara explains how the program can seem to fly by “so most members see results in the first few weeks, and are totally floored when they see the change in their body after 10 weeks! We even take before and after photos and measurements to allow members to see their progress,” which are shared in the private Facebook group.

The Max Challenge is continuing to grow with franchise locations popping up all over the country! If you’re interested in fitness, nutrition, motivation, and results, visit to find a location near you give Sara a call at 908-407-0536 to start your 10-week challenge! For information about a franchise opportunity with THE MAX Challenge, visit