The Showcase Magazine - Salutes

By Erik Slagle

For individuals facing the prospect of divorce, the process may seem overwhelming – or deceptively straightforward. At a time when emotions run high, you need the guidance of an experienced, compassionate legal team to help you navigate these new waters, and to make sure no aspect of the separation and settlement is overlooked. The law firm of Norris McLaughlin P.A., home of powerhouse matrimonial and family law attorney Karolina A. Dehnhard, Esq., offers precisely that level of support.

Dehnhard has turned her own experience with the process of divorce into the foundation for one of the area’s most successful, sought-after legal services in the area of matrimonial law: Divorce Dynasty, a platform that encompasses everything from attorneys to doctors, therapists, life coaches, and more. It’s a turnkey-style service that takes clients from start to finish in the process of a separation. And at that finish, clients can find a new beginning thanks to Karolina’s expertise and passion for the field. Her fluency in Polish allows her to serve and advocate for clients from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Dehnhard’s own divorce is what drove her to law school, with a desire to ensure other people need not feel as unprepared for a divorce as she did. She focused on family and matrimonial law, and today helps dozens of clients each year as Norris McLaughlin’s Chair of Matrimonial and Family Law Practice Group. Together with her partner, David Tawil, the two think outside the box when it comes to solutions for the most complex facts. 

“One of the cornerstones of our practice is to prepare our clients for what may come,” Dehnhard says. “There is nothing worse than being unprepared when life throws a curveball. Thinking about the unexpected and putting systems in place to take the element of “surprise” off of the table is simply smart planning.”

Norris McLaughlin got its start as a 2-person team based in Somerville, New Jersey in 1953. More than 65 years later, the team now comprises more than 130 attorneys across three offices: New York City, Allentown (PA), and locally in Bridgewater. Promoting a culture of community service and highly personal client attention, the firm has been recognized by prominent publications for its integrity, reputation and results. A large part of the firm’s successes have been thanks to Dehnhard’s and Tawil’s commitment to the well-being and future stability of the clients they serve.

“Divorce is a time when everything that is familiar becomes the ‘unknown.’” Dehnhard explains. “When those you trusted no longer are trustworthy. Many of my female clients feel that they need new professionals in their corner, to guide them, support them and navigate next steps. Many issues become overwhelming. However, we also recognize that there are men who may be feeling as unprepared. Because men and women often approach divorce differently, certainly from the emotional perspective, David and I launched a series called, “Gender Bending: Divorce from both sides of the Bed.” We present at various corporations through New Jersey to plant the seeds for proper planning.”

Tax issues, home appraisals, shared investments, even factors like finding a relocation service or moving company – the process of a divorce has become remarkably complex. An unprepared person may naturally feel lost in the process. Or they may naively think a separation is as easy as signing on the dotted line, splitting the assets, and going their separate ways. But Dehnhard’s experience showed her there’s much, much more to it. And she’s putting that experience to work for her clients. 

Dehnhard adds, “The area of family law is complex and certainly involves much more than two people going their separate ways. In a world where people are waiting longer to get married, acquiring separate assets before marriage, blending families “the second time around”, running international businesses and investing in real estate worldwide/”

“It is more important than ever,” she says, “to have a full-service law firm representing you if divorce becomes the next step.”

Norris McLaughlin, P.A. is located in Bridgewater at 400 Crossing Boulevard. Reach out to them at (908) 722-0700 or visit them online at if you need the experience, commitment and drive of one of New Jersey’s top matrimonial and family law services!