The Showcase Magazine - Salutes

By Erik Slagle

If you’ve been past the corner of Washington Valley Road and Chimney Rock Road in Martinsville over the last year or so, you probably noticed something exciting going on. Restro 3, one of the community’s newest and most talked-about dining spots, is open for business and expertly serving guests from across the area! If you’re looking for fresh tastes in a casual-family-friendly atmosphere, Restro 3 is the place you’ve been waiting for. Owner Froso Andronikou – “Fro” to everyone around her – opened Restro 3 in March after a five-month remodel. But far from a novice at the restaurant business, Fro built up more than 30 years of experience working with her father at The Coffee Shop, a popular spot in Bernardsville’s Olcott Square.

“I’ve always lived in this area, and really love the people I’ve gotten to know through the years,” Fro says. “I guess you can say the restaurant business is in my blood – there’s nothing I love more than meeting and serving the people who come through our doors. Everything we make at Restro 3 comes from fresh ingredients, and I always strive to give each guest the best experience to match the food. People can feel comfortable coming in for a meal at Restro 3, and we hope they return and become regulars!”

In the six months since Fro opened the doors of Restro 3, that’s already starting to happen. Local residents stopped in to see what the new restaurant was all about, and soon became those regulars Fro talks about. As first-time guests become returning customers, the clientele of Restro 3 starts to feel like family. And for Fro, whose family roots in the business run deep, there’s no better reward.

“My father was very happy for me when I told him I was ready to open my own place,” she says. “He’s so knowledgeable about the business – always has great advice to give. He’ll come in to meet and visit with our guests here too. We’ve started to call him ‘The Master’, and I couldn’t have learned from anyone better.”

Among the hottest tickets on Restro 3’s menu right now are dishes like the Calamari Restro and an intriguing selection of rice ball creations. You’ll find a number of fresh seafood selections to choose from as well, and diners from the area are starting to discover it’s not just a lunch and dinner spot, either. Restro 3’s breakfasts are unbeatable, and everything’s made to order to give you the perfect jump-start for your day!

The food at Restro 3 is an eclectic mix of American, Italian and Greek influences – but the Restro 3 experience is one that’s truly unique and feels more like stopping by a friend’s house than walking into a business. Your experience starts the moment you’re greeted at the door; you immediately know you’re in a place that values your patronage and wants you to leave completely satisfied – and full! Find them on Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus, where you’ll soon see updates on upcoming events like wine tastings and more. Better yet, stop by and meet Fro and the Restro 3 team at 1982 Washington Valley in Martinsville. They’re open from Tuesday to Sunday - 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tues.-Fri., 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturdays, and 8 – 2 on Sundays – and ready to welcome you to the family!