The Showcase Magazine - Salutes

By Erik Slagle

For more than 15 years, Dr. Jyotsna Thapar has helped patients eliminate foot and ankle issues such as diabetic neuropathy, arch pain, plantar fasciitis, and more. She’s a trusted healthcare provider for athletes recovering from sports injuries. Patients of all ages have put the health of their feet in her hands for compassionate care that delivers results – and now area residents have a new location at which to find her!

In the summer of 2016, Dr. Thapar opened the Ankle and Foot Specialist Center in Warren, her second location after many successful years in South Plainfield. Her newest location, at 211 Courtyard Drive in Hillsborough, provides another option for patients seeking the best in quality podiatric care.

“The relationship between a doctor and patient is very special,” Dr. Thapar says. “It’s exciting to be able to introduce this level of service to a new community and new patients. This new office is something we’re very proud of.”

Dr. Thapar is a leading provider of custom orthotics, using technology such as biometrics to build orthotic inserts tailored to a patient’s specific form of heel, toe, or arch pain. In addition to pain relief, this type of insert and treatment can also help to correct a person’s gait – their individual style of walking – alleviating potential future issues with their legs, knees, hips and back.

The Ankle and Foot Specialist centers also offer the latest forms of treatment for diabetic neuropathy. If you suffer from this diabetes symptom, advances such as electrical stimulation can help eliminate the need for medications! Other services include plasma injections for faster healing of ulcers and injuries; pediatric podiatry care; and laser treatments for toenail fungus with success rates averaging better than 80%.

Dr. Thapar also provides expert treatment for conditions such as bunions, corns, calluses, warts, peripheral arterial disease, plantar fasciitis, and osteoarthritis. At, you’ll find a complete list of services offered and conditions with which they can assist. The site is also home to a valuable blog filled with informative articles and helpful tips for taking better care of your feet.

If you’re suffering from even the early stages of foot discomfort, Dr. Thapar encourages you to see a professional before it becomes something serious. “Before long, things that may seem like minor podiatry issues can become chronic and harder to treat,” she explains. “You can avoid complications by treating these problems early. You can avoid changes to your gait brought on by your body compensating for the pain or discomfort.”

For Dr. Thapar, the goal is always to help her patients lead a more comfortable life following treatment. “The best part of the job is when patients walk out of my office without pain,” she says. “At the Ankle and Foot center, our door is always open for you.”

Don’t put it off any longer – get help for your nagging podiatry conditions. Visit Dr. Thapar in Warren (65 Mountain Blvd., Suite 107, 732-356-FOOT (732-356-3668)), in South Plainfield (908 Oak Tree Ave., Suite R, 908-222-8980), or at the new Hillsborough location (211 Courtyard Drive, 908-722-FOOT (908-722-3668)), to schedule your consultation. She can help you get back to leading a full, pain-free life. Your feet are what carry you through each day – isn’t it time you took the first step towards correcting your pain and discomfort?