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Friends Are Among Our Many Blessings

By Renee’ Gatz,  Author of Wise Words & Witty Expressions

Our friends are a reflection of who we were, who we are, and who we are striving to become. Our personal growth is reflected in who we choose to share our lives with. Throughout our journey, we meet many people yet invite only some into our life. As we evolve, some friendships change with us, some become long distance relationships, and others may simply fade away. However, all our friendships whether we see our friends regularly, rarely, or not at all have an impact how we grow and who we become. No friend is ever a mistake. Even a friendship that dissolves on less than favorable terms provides an opportunity to learn something about ourselves. Without experiencing disappointment, we would never fully appreciate the meaning of true friendship.

When we are young and begin making new friends, we are excited by the opportunity to have new experiences and, therefore, collect many friends. Each friend brings a new perspective, energy, and opportunity to learn more about ourselves. Those we choose to surround ourselves with prove to be a great barometer for letting us know if we are walking on a path that serves us. Friendships teach the importance of listening more and talking less, helping a friend rise to the occasion, reminding them that they can do anything they put their mind to, or simply telling them that they will survive to tell the tale because they are that strong.

As we grow and assume more responsibility in life, spending time with people we consider our friends becomes even more meaningful. The people associated with our obligations do not share the connection we have with our friends. They do not see and understand us the way our friends see and understand us. The people we spend a significant amount of time with who are not our true friends remind us that friendship is a treasure and the greatest treasures are the friends we have over an extended period of time. These friends are the windows into our history. They have seen us through our ups and downs. They remember when we struggled or perhaps when we did not handle something very well. They don’t remind us of our failings. They are proud of us for how we have grown and what we have been able to accomplish. They laugh with us about silly decisions and make plans for the future with us. By remaining faithful through all that life puts in our path, they hold a special place in our heart.

As long as we have breath, we are always growing and, therefore, thankfully always making new friends and enjoying time with old friends. Friends become a part of our family—a family of our choosing. They are among the many blessings we should count each day. May God bless each and every one of our friends, past present, and future.

Renee’ Gatz has been an executive in the financial services industry for 15 years where she has held a variety of marketing and communications roles. Renee’ is a graduate of St. Peter's College in Jersey City, NJ where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management while attending school in the evening and working full time. She lives in Woodbridge, NJ not far from her childhood home.