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By Inica Kotasthane

Although students are still readjusting to their school schedules after a much-needed winter break, WHRHS is back in full swing. Mr. William J. Librera is officially joining Watchung Hills as principal, replacing Frank Howlett, who has been acting as interim principal, and we thank Howlett for his contributions to our school. Librera, alumni of Columbia University and former Assistant Principal of Chatham High School, will be principal effective January 27, and students and staff alike are excited to welcome him to WHRHS to kick off the new year! 

The guidance office is busy setting the foundation for next year’s scheduling, and will be opening course selections for current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors on February 21. Students will be able to list up to eight desired courses from a diverse selection of electives, found in the Program of Studies on the school website. 

Also, in preparation for the upcoming school year, eighth graders will soon have the opportunity to spend a school day at WHRHS with the commencement of the Freshmen for a Day program! Starting in February, graduating middle schoolers can sign up to shadow a high schooler and observe a typical day by attending classes and lunch. Many have described the program as incredibly beneficial, especially for students that are new to the high school, and the class of 2024 is encouraged to take advantage of this enlightening experience!

As we speak about the incoming freshmen, we should also acknowledge the graduating seniors, many of who are beginning to receive college admissions. Deciding where, or even if, to attend college is a momentous decision, and the WHRHS community supports their seniors regardless of what they choose to do. We also hope that the graduating class enjoys their last months in high school and cherishes the friendships and memories they’ve made here. Best of luck to them!

This year, the program at WHRHS has continued to entertain us through wonderful performances. After closing night of the fall play, Almost Maine, the school’s thespians launched themselves into another theatrical endeavor: the spring musical, Matilda, which will run March 19-21. Following their winter concerts in December, the Choral and Band ensembles have started to rehearse for their spring concerts, taking place later this year.

Various other extracurricular events will be taking place in the next few months, including the annual TEDx event, in which students will present speeches based on the theme Why Not? The WHRHS Computer Science club will be hosting its 3rd annual Hackathon on February 23, inviting coders of all levels to practice their craft in engaging activities.

In sports, the men’s basketball team has had an exceptional season thus far, being undefeated 9-0, and the women’s team has had similar success, their record being 6-1. In other winter sports --bowling, fencing, ice hockey, swimming, and wrestling-- students continue to practice and advance their athletic skills in a competitive and cooperative environment.

2020 is already shaping up to be a great year for Watchung Hills!