The Showcase Magazine - Salutes

By Lauren Holstein

The common saying "health is wealth" promotes good physical, mental, and social health. So, don’t let back or neck pain stand in your way this New Year. Enjoy a happy and healthy 2020 by scheduling chiropractic care to unlock your body's true potential through its natural healing process. At the Chiropractic Center of Warren, Dr. Steven Maffei, D.C.and his staff are trained on the latest chiropractic treatments and technologies. Together, you can explore the chiropractic method of pain relief, leading to your wellness path.

Dr. Maffei, owner and Chiropractor of the Chiropractic Center of Warren, graduated from Rutgers University in 1987 with a degree in pre-medical studies. He then graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1990 with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. After completing his degree, Dr. Maffei worked as an associate doctor in Hoboken where he gained knowledge treating numerous conditions. “I was able to see so many different conditions and the experience gave me a desire to open up my own practice,” says Maffei. After four years in Hoboken, Dr. Maffei became a solo practitioner in Warren at 67 Mountain Boulevard. In 2004, he expanded his practice to the current location, 27 Mountain Boulevard, Suite 4.

Now with over 24 years serving the Warren community, Dr. Maffei feels like his patients are family. “I’ve treated people since they were teens, through their twenties, and now they are in their thirties. It’s unbelievable,” says Dr. Maffei. Part of what makes his practice so homey is his office manager of 8 years, Marisa Ruggiero. “She’s my right hand, the first person a patient is going to talk to, and the best at presenting me well. Together we’re compassionate and try to take the greatest care of our patients.”

Aside from creating a warm atmosphere inside the office, Dr. Maffei is rewarded by seeing patients effectively eliminate their back and neck pain and be restored to their optimized health. “Six months ago, we had a patient that couldn’t even stand up straight. Within a few weeks, we had him back to doing the things we enjoyed again. It lets me enjoy my job to know that he came in with a lot of pain, could not even function, and now it’s not the case," says Dr. Maffei.

Dr. Maffei specializes in muscular and skeletal pains to solve lower back conditions, herniated discs, and sports injuries, using tools such as The Proadjuster and Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression (NSSD). The Proadjuster is an instrument that is placed on a malfunctioning spinal joint to introduce a light tapping force to free up fixated joints and adjust the malfunctioning areas. Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression (NSSD) is a treatment that lengthens and decompresses the spine during a 20-25-minute session with the intent to take the pressure off pinched nerves, help to reposition bulging discs, and pull extruded disc material back into place. Patients can experience pain relief with the first few treatments with both services!

The Chiropractic Center of Warren will be more than happy to answer any questions you may about treatments or personalized care. Call 908)753-2322 to schedule your appointment today or stop by for a tour of their facilities.