The Showcase Magazine - Salutes

By Sue Baldani

Maddy Zamel always had a passion for clothing. Even as a little girl, she would go into her mom’s closet and play dress up. A few years ago, she decided to embrace that passion.

“There were a couple of things that led me to a new way of living,” she says. “One was I lost my mom unexpectedly in January of 2020, and that made me realize that life is too short. You can't just be working around the clock and not prioritizing what's most important.”

The first thing she did was move out of Manhattan after living there for 20 years. “I wanted fresh air, a house and a yard for my dog, George.”

Her sister Pam, who lives in Milford, recommended she check out Clinton. “I fell in love with the town and moving here in August of 2020 was my first step on my new path.”

But then, in January of 2022, Maddy was diagnosed with breast cancer. “That was the final awakening. I realized that I needed to pursue my dreams and my passions.”

The following summer, she found that opportunity. “I was walking George in town and he literally pulled me across the street to this store that had a for rent sign in the window.”

She immediately called her sister Pam. “I asked her, ‘Is it crazy for me to even be thinking about this when I'm in the midst of chemo?’ and she told me that it was exactly the time that I needed to do this.” Her other sister Linda was also on board.

Maddy moved forward and opened Lady of Leitrim (pronounced Leetrum) last March. Leitrim is the town in Ireland where her mom grew up. “It's a way to pay tribute to her. It’s wonderful because people always ask about the name and I get to share her with them.”

She wants her boutique to be so much more than just a clothing store. “I really want it to be a shopping experience where you come in and the sounds, the scents, the colors, and the fabrics make you feel transported.

“When trying on clothes, I love to see women connecting to themselves and feeling their beauty, their strength and their confidence. It's about providing a space where women can feel comfortable and supported.”

Maddy loves sourcing products and focuses on brands of clothing that are made well and fit well. The fabrics also must be beautiful and feel good against the skin.

“I like to have a fun mix of everyday clothing that people can wear at home and some special pop pieces for dressing up and going out,” she says.

The boutique also carries jewelry and handbags, and with spring and summer coming, there will be some great totes for the beach.

“I just want to keep moving towards what feeds my soul,” says Maddy.

To feel and look your most beautiful, stop into the boutique and visit Maddy, or shop incredible styles online.