The Showcase Magazine - Salutes

By Sue Baldani

As a child growing up in Iran, Dr. Farrokh Shafaie would often help his father, Dr. David Shafaie, who was a physician and a pharmacist, make natural products to help his patients.

“These medicines were mostly plant based,” says Dr. Shafaie. “He would give me all these different plants and tell me to grind them into a powder with a mortar and pestle.”

As he watched his father’s patients get better after taking these natural remedies without suffering any bad side effects, he came to understand the importance of using natural ingredients to heal.

“Our bodies are natural environments, so these natural ingredients combine nicely together, unlike with pharmaceuticals, which can cause complications,” he says.

While working in a hospital, one of the nurses mentioned that she had a cousin with very bad nail fungus. So, Dr. Shafaie made her a cream that he learned from his father, and when she gave it to her cousin, the fungus cleared right up. The nurse told him he should market this cream since so many people need it. Three years ago, he decided to share his family’s special formula.

“My daughter, Yassi, came up with the name ‘MYKrobiome,’ using her and her brother’s, Mehrdad and Kamy’s, initials,” he says. She then helped launch the new product – Dr. Farro’s Nail Fungus Remedy.”

This cream is spread over the area of the infection, then wrapped in plastic wrap and covered with a sock. “People can keep it on for 24 or even 48 hours since the ingredients keep working to kill the fungus. The length of time it must be used depends on the extent of the infection.”

If the fungal infection is very severe, Dr. Shafaie will refer the person to a podiatrist to first lift the nail and clean under it. Then, the cream can be applied directly to the nail bed. “People can’t believe the results and that they can have a normal nail again.”

He’s also developed MYKrobiome Blemish Remedy for people suffering from skin blemishes. “They’ve had amazing results after using the mask twice a week for two months,” he says. “The blemishes went away for good.”

Dr. Shafaie is also planning to launch another product soon. “It's a product that you put on your hair and it makes your hair very thick. It also prevents hair loss.”

Before using his products, he suggests coming in for a complimentary exam and receiving instructions about how to use them properly.

Dr. Shafaie is also a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in New York and New Jersey focusing mainly on cosmetic surgery of the face, eyes and neck.

In addition to teaching his son how to make natural products, Dr. Shafaie’s father gave him some important advice on the day of his medical school graduation. “He said, ‘Always treat your patients as if they are your family, and you’ll never fail.’ I always remember that.”

To find out more about Dr. Shafaie and his products, go to, or call (908) 522-1777 or (212) 772-1010.