The Showcase Magazine - Salutes

By Sue Baldani

Christine Mauro always enjoyed being creative, and in 2015, she began making body products that would later lead to a whole new career. “I was working in the corporate world and, on weekends, I would bring my handmade soaps, body creams, body scrubs, talc-free powders, and bath bombs to different types of festivals.”

In 2016, she also offered her merchandise at the Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem, PA. “People kept telling me how much they loved my products and encouraged me to open a store,” she says.

She took their advice and did just that. Christine's Bath & Gift Boutique opened its doors in March of 2017 in the charming town of Clinton. Since she was still working full time, the store was only slated to be open on the weekends, but her products were in such demand that she had to hire someone to run the store during the week.

Today, the boutique is double its original size and includes a much wider array of products. “I expanded into home fashion and home accessories and started bringing in other artists and handcrafted merchandise,” says Christine.

Walking into the lovely shop, you’ll see glass wind chimes, garden accessories, handmade bags and so much more. “I morphed into a gift shop rather than just a soap shop,” she says. “I also recently brought in some merchandise for the younger crowd, such as little crystals, as well as more lifestyle type of merchandise like pretty pillows that are 100% wool and have sayings like ‘Take me to the mountains’, ‘Let's go to the lake’, and ‘Let's go to the beach’ that customers can relate to. Everything has just been flying off the shelves.”

Christine loves supporting local and nationwide artisans, and about a year ago started bringing in some handmade, high-quality fair-trade items as well.

She also asks her customers what they want to see so that she can consider their requests when she curates merchandise. Christine really enjoys interacting with customers, and they appreciate being able to find unique and special items locally. People love coming in, smelling the candles and bath products, and touching the items. You can’t get that experience online.

In 2022, the shop also underwent a facelift to reflect a fresh vibe and style. “I brought in very simplistic displays that make the merchandise pop,” she says. “Not only did it widen the walking area, but it made the merchandise more visible. I’ve gotten excellent customer feedback.”

Although Christine established an additional location in her hometown of Easton, PA, she had to close it to focus more on her Clinton store and another business she opened. “I retired from my corporate position in 2022 to focus solely on my two stores - Christine's Bath & Gift Boutique and Primrose and Poppy Children's Boutique. I'm the only owner of two businesses on Main Street.”

Please stop by and say hello to Christine and see what she has to offer. You can also check out her Instagram (@ChristinesBathGift) and Facebook pages.