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Ashley Berger grew up watching her mother, Cherie Berger, and later her father, Steve Berger, successfully build a business and become one of the top local real estate agents. After being a teacher in Watchung for 12 years, Ashley decided to join the team.

The Cherie Berger Team is one of the top-producing teams backed by COMPASS, the number-one brokerage in the nation. With almost 30 years in the industry, Realtor® Cherie Berger has been the number one agent in the Warren/Watchung area for over 20 years.

“She's built a huge name for herself, and I don't think I realized how big it was until I got into the industry,” says Ashley about her mother. “Her reputation is very impressive.”

Ashley believes the team’s accomplishments are not only because of Cherie’s experience but also due to her father’s business background. Before joining the Cherie Berger Team, he worked in the corporate world and has an impressive marketing background. 

“This is why we have such strong marketing,” says Ashley. “With our print and digital advertising, we are able to market homes to the world in the most beneficial way.”

When Ashley first teamed up with her parents in 2019, she tried to teach too, but that didn't work. “You really must do real estate full-time because people need you to be available. I needed to be able to pick up the phone and let my clients know I was there for them.”

Being a local team that knows the area well gives the Cherie Berger Team a great advantage. “We know the local values and the current local markets,” says Ashley.

Their clients need their local knowledge more than ever when dealing with a market like this one, with its increasing sale prices and fluctuating interest rates. “Buying on a regular day is stressful, let alone in this crazy market because it really is the biggest financial decision most people make. But we tell people ‘You marry the house, and you date your rate.’ So, if rates go down, they can refinance.”

Ashley says it's important to educate their clients so that when they do find that house they love, they will be comfortable knowing what they need to do to win that negotiation when the time comes.

“I loved teaching and feeling that connection with families, and I feel the same thing when I'm selling or helping someone buy a home. There’s that joy of winning the negotiation and helping them actually get the house that their family loves.”

Ashley also really loves working with her family. “We respect each other and have the same work ethic. We all work really hard for our clients.”

She believes what makes the Team so successful is that they genuinely care about their clients. “We're not just about getting an income - we really do what's right. It's our name and this is where we live and work. So, we direct our clients in a way that we would for our own family.”

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