The Showcase Magazine - Salutes

When you walk into Prezzo Italian Restaurant in Warren, which has been a staple in town since 2011, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled to a lovely Italian village. The restaurant is named after Prezzo, a small, picturesque town in Northern Italy. Once you taste the food, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported there.

Experienced and talented chefs design and create authentic Tuscan dishes that can bring joy to any palate. If someone has a dietary preference or restriction, such as gluten-free or vegetarian, they will gladly accommodate those needs too.

Some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes include Branzino Picante, Osso Bucco, and the Pappardelle with Short Ribs. The antipasti include such delights as Balsamic Marinated Portobello, Clams Posillipo, Insalata Caprese and Calamari Fritti. Pasta dishes include Fusilli Puttanesca and Penne Arrabbiata, and the Caesar, Beet and Prezzo salads are full of freshness and flavor. There are also daily specials that showcase the different regions of Italy.

“Prezzo Restaurant uses fresh produce,” says its owner, Remi, who has an extensive restaurant background. “During the summer months, the produce is grown locally, so the tomatoes, basil and everything else put into the dishes is very fresh. In the winter, we pay for the best in the market.” The seafood, chicken, veal and beef are also of the highest quality.

The restaurant encompasses a large space, so tables are not crowded together and diners can enjoy a wonderful, quiet dinner with family and friends. “Beyond our main dining area, Prezzo Restaurant proudly offers an exclusive party room, catering to an array of celebrations, from delightful baby showers, vibrant birthday parties and elegant bridal rehearsals to intimate weddings and various social gatherings,” he says.

“Moreover, this versatile space transforms seamlessly for corporate luncheons, boasting amenities like flat-screen TVs ideal for impactful presentations during professional meetings.”

If a party is being held off-site, Prezzo can provide catering for both large and small affairs. Customers can pick up trays of food, or for larger events, they will provide the entire setup with steamer trays and servers. For those who want to enjoy a flavorful Italian dinner at home, the restaurant also offers takeout.

The building in which Prezzo Restaurant is located has undergone major renovation over the past four years. “It was a huge disruption to business, and I want to thank our customers for a lot of support and patience,” says Remi. “But I’m happy to inform them that all the construction is now finished. The facelift of the building is very nice and we now have plenty of parking.”

With its warm earth tones and tasteful artwork, and linen-covered tables with sparkling crystalware, diners love to linger and savor the experience and are made to feel like a member of the family. As they like to say at Prezzo - Grazie e Benvenuto (Thanks and Welcome!)

For more information, go to or call 908-755-0032 to make your reservation.