The Showcase Magazine - Salutes

By Sue Baldani

Over the last couple of years, Realtor® Roseann O’Keefe with NextHome Premiere in Warren has seen a lot of new agents enter the real estate market. “People come into this industry and believe they can simply unlock a door and make a quick buck, but that’s not what it's about,” she says.

The mission statement of NextHome Premiere is “Humans over Houses” and for Roseann, it’s a mission she’s followed her whole career. “It's never about us,” she says. “It's always about the client. For most people, this is their largest financial investment, so for me, it's managing this transaction in a stress-free manner, and that’s where I shine.”

In real estate since 2007, what she enjoys the most are the client interactions and the problem solving. “Many people think it’s all about sales and it's so the opposite of sales. When it comes to helping clients, we want to know what your needs are. If you're a buyer, what's driving this? Is it the commutability? Is it the community itself? Is it proximity to family? It's really trying to get an understanding of not only the physical aspects of what they want, but their emotional needs too. For sellers, it tends to be more about pricing and the timing of the move.”

Whether someone is buying or selling, she says the biggest objective should be to find a realtor who is in tune with the community. “My hometown is Green Brook, but I service the whole local area, and I know everything about the area.” She stresses that agents need to know all they can about the areas in which they do business, because buyers often have a lot of questions, especially if they’re from out of state.

In order to serve her clients even better, Roseann has a full-time marketing director and client coordinator, Jeannie Renzo. “You get two licensed agents for the price of one, so while I'm out doing the face to face and all the things I need to do, Jeannie’s the woman behind the curtain.”

Some people believe they can sell their home on their own, not realizing all that goes into these transactions. “Your real estate agent or broker is going to have a really good handle on negotiations, pricing and contracts,” she says. “They’re also going to manage showings and protect your home and its contents” 

Roseann is also a big believer in supporting her community. “I support the local police; I sponsor National Night Out and the Green Brook Turkey Trot. I’m a cancer survivor, so I help other women who are dealing with cancer.”

Her husband, Richard, owns a business in Warren, and the couple have two grown sons. “Ryan lives in Georgia with his fiancé,” she says. “Nick graduated with an archeology and language degree and he's currently in Morocco.” The couple also have two dogs, Joe and Renzo (Renzo is not named after Jeannie Renzo; the name means third son in Italian.) 

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