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928 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019

By Lauren Holstein

Bond, James Bond. You may be familiar with the name but are you familiar with what it takes to be a spy? SPYSCAPE, New York City's espionage museum is the perfect place for any wannabe spy to learn. 

Located in Midtown Manhattan, SPYSCAPE’s high-tech displays, 60,000 square foot space, and multimedia experiences take guests beyond the depths of a traditional museum. No matter the age, everyone will enjoy learning the real-world stories of history's secret agents, hackers, and code breakers while completing their spy profile in a series of challenges.

The tour begins with guests receiving high-tech wristbands to be worn throughout their challenges within the museum. The first stop is on the ground floor at the briefing lift where guests are introduced to their mission. From there, guests are brought to the second floor and walk into an incredibly immersive experience.

While guests walk throughout the museum, there are different challenges they can opt into at any point. Some are physical, while others are mental. An example of a mental challenge includes using a cipher to send a contact a secret message. Another includes listening to someone tell you who to look for through a headset across dozens of CCTV screens while being told to respond as quickly as possible through a click of a button. A physical game includes a timed challenge of avoiding the light of lasers. All challenges are scored to determine your spy profile developed by real intelligence operatives and top psychologists.

When not completing challenges, there is plenty to see throughout the space. “I loved that I was able to go through the museum at my own pace. I left with lots of knowledge about historical spies and technology and hacking in the world today!” says Alexa Nelson, 28. The sleek museum is packed full of history, visuals, and physical artifacts. Some of the featured sections included the World War II cryptanalysts who cracked German codes, the story of a teenager who hacked the FBI, and the investigation of an FBI agent who sold secrets to the Russians.

After experiencing the museum, the final stop is in the Debriefing Room. Guests are asked to scan their wristband one final time to reveal whether they are a Hacker, Cryptologist, Intelligence Operative, or a Spymaster. Based on the SPYSCAPE algorithm, everyone’s progress and key spy attributes are highlighted on screen. Also, very conveniently, the results are sent via email for future analysis.

“The spy museum was a unique experience. It taught me a lot about myself by answering different types of questions and exploring my spy skills,” says Nelson.

SPYSCAPE offers the main experience for $39 and hosts temporary exhibits. Currently running is the James Bond Exhibition where guests can discover 007 from a different perspective. Along with their exhibits they hold “Mission and Martini” nights on Fridays for $59. This includes food and drinks from 6 pm - 10 pm. They also host private events, including birthday parties, school trips, and corporate events.

If interested in having your own spy experience, buy tickets at‎ today!