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1301 Sinatra Drive North

Hoboken, NJ 07030

By Lauren Holstein

Extending along the scenic waterfront of Hoboken, New Jersey is Pier 13, serving as a vibrant hub for spring and summer festivities. Celebrating its 14th season, this open-air waterfront beer garden has solidified its status as a beloved destination, offering an enticing blend of culinary delights, beverages, and entertainment set against the stunning views of the New York City skyline.

Operating seven days a week during its season, Pier 13 is a dynamic communal space where residents gather to unwind, socialize, and savor the beauty of the waterfront. The venue provides an ideal place for spending time against the backdrop of cheerful, brightly colored buildings, art-lined walkways, and vibrant umbrellas to provide shade.

With a lively atmosphere that caters to guests of all ages, Pier 13 has become a staple for those seeking an experience by the water. While predicts the pier's reopening in April, it's noteworthy that last year's festivities commenced in May, making it the go-to spot for crowds eager to embrace the warm weather as the sun sets over the Hudson River.

Pier 13 boasts a diverse drink menu that caters to all tastes, featuring crisp draft beers, creative cocktails, refreshing sangrias, and indulgent frozen drinks. As for food, the pier hosts a rotating lineup of food trucks, including favorites like Simply Done Vegan, Discodillas, Gringo's, Amanda's Bananas, Electric Wings, Pizza Vita, and Pita Bowls, catering to varying food preferences.

Pier 13's flexible seating options, including classic picnic tables, cozy lawn chairs, and bean bags, contribute to its laid-back and inviting atmosphere. Notably, the pier is dog-friendly, making it a space for pet owners seeking an outdoor retreat.

Thoughtful weekly events add an extra layer of excitement to the Pier 13 experience. The pier hosts family fun nights with bounce houses, ping pong, and foosball as a wholesome way for families to connect. Budget-friendly options like "Slice the Price" night provide food discounts, while "Frozen Fridays" invite patrons to enhance their frozen drinks with a floater for just $1.

Pier 13's accessibility is another noteworthy aspect. There's no entrance fee, as visitors only pay for the food and drinks, they choose. While on-street parking is available, those seeking a hassle-free experience can opt for the nearby parking garage. However, patience is essential when navigating parking options in the customary Hoboken style.

To maximize your visit, check the pier's website or Instagram (@pier13hoboken) before heading out, ensuring you're well-prepared with information on the day's food truck options and operating hours, which typically range from 12 pm to 8 pm, but are subject to weather conditions. No matter if you're a local seeking a familiar spot by the water or a visitor craving a taste of a roaming food truck, Pier 13 promises an unforgettable experience.