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Dyker Heights Holiday Lights

Dyker Heights Brooklyn, NY

Approx.11th Avenue to 13th Avenue from 83rd to 86th St

By Lauren Holstein

Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, Dyker Heights has the most over-the-top Christmas light decorations you'll ever see. It's a festive spectacle that has become a beloved New York attraction during the holiday season, drawing visitors from near and far. If you're planning your first trip to witness the magic of Dyker Heights Holiday Lights, you're in for a treat. 

The history of Dyker Heights Holiday Lights dates to the 1980s when a few homeowners decided to take their holiday decorating to the next level. These dedicated residents began transforming their homes into winter wonderlands, complete with life-sized Santas, sleighs, snowmen, and even loudspeakers playing Christmas carols.

As word spread, more homeowners joined in on the decorating fun. What started as a friendly neighborhood competition turned into a full-blown holiday extravaganza. Today, Dyker Heights attracts thousands of visitors. Companies even offer transportation from Manhattan and back, featuring a variety of walking tours and bus sightseeing buses to explore the neighborhood's most famous holiday-decorated homes.

Tips and Tricks for Your Dyker Heights Adventure:

  1. Plan Your Visit Early: While you might like to feel your holiday cheer closer to Christmas, the crowds are likely to be smaller the earlier in the season you visit. The Dyker Heights neighborhood gets its decor up by dazzling from late November through December, so plan your trip accordingly.
  2. Get There Early: To secure a good viewing spot and avoid the crowds, arrive well before sunset. This will also give you the chance to see the lights both in daylight and after dark.
  3. Dress Warmly: There will be crowds and, therefore, some slow walkers. Don’t forget to bundle up in layers to stay warm while you explore the neighborhood and experience possible delays.
  4. Respect the Residents: Remember that Dyker Heights is a residential neighborhood. Keep noise levels down, and don't block driveways when searching for a spot.
  5. Take a Guided Tour: If you want to learn more about the history and stories behind the decorations, consider taking a guided tour (as previously mentioned.) Local guides also provide insider knowledge and entertaining anecdotes.
  6. Work up an Appetite: After taking in the festive sights, explore the nearby dining options. Enjoy a slice of New York-style pizza from Tony’s Pizzeria or a sweet treat from Tasty Pastry Shoppe. 
  7. Give Back: Some homeowners may collect donations for charity as a part of their holiday displays so bring cash if you’re in the giving spirit.
  8. Enjoy the Magic: Finally, get ready to immerse yourself in the holiday spirit! Dyker Heights Holiday Lights is a unique and heartwarming experience that will make you feel like you’re on the set of a Hallmark movie.

I recommend taking a trip this holiday season to explore the creativity and dedication these Brooklyn homeowners make to turning their neighborhood into a must-see destination for anyone looking to get into the holiday spirit. So, gather your family and friends for a magical journey to Dyker Heights to witness the most over-the-top Christmas light decorations.