The Showcase Magazine - Cover Artist

Cover Artist

Laura Kaufmann is a former Warren resident who now resides on the west coast of Florida with her husband. She studied Fashion Merchandising at F.I.T. in New York and then went on to get a degree in Art History and Business. Most of her career was spent in Sales. Painting was always something that interested her and she was able to make time to take various Art classes once she retired. She also spends time putting together group trips to Art Exhibitions in the Sarasota area.

Her artwork consists of mainly Pastels and Acrylics done in an Impressionist style. Most of what she paints is from various landscapes and scenes from her area and of her travels. Color and light are essential elements in her paintings to attain the emotion of the painting. The painting on The Showcase front cover was created in soft pastels on sanded paper and is of the beautiful landscape and foliage of Ein Kerem, which is an area of Jerusalem Israel, which she visited last year.

If you are interested in viewing her artwork Laura can be contacted via email: