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“Meet Me Under the Mistletoe” – Cozy Christmas Fiction

Nory Noel has always felt stuck between two worlds. Growing up, each morning she would leave her working-class family to head to the exclusive and expensive private school where she was on scholarship. While she may have felt that she didn’t fit in, she gained a group of friends that immediately became like a second family.

Years later, the whole gang is getting back together to celebrate a wedding! She is excited to not only head back to her hometown, but to see her school friends again. When she arrives, she runs into her old nemesis, the son of the ground’s keeper. As the saying goes, time heals all wounds, and Nory and Isaac, who is now the head ground’s keeper, hit it off. Will this be more than a week-long fling?

“One Last Gift”- Literary Fiction

Cassie and her brother Tom lost their parents at a young age and became each other’s only family. Tom would do anything for his younger sister, including a Christmas Scavenger Hunt that he arranged each year. He has continued to do this even into adulthood. Years later, he has arranged the biggest one yet!

Just before Christmas, tragedy strikes, and Cassie finds herself completing the scavenger hunt by herself.

The scavenger hunt requires Cassie to be courageous, and she often finds herself questioning if she can go on. Supported by her friends, she starts to not only discover the clues that Tom has left for her, but she begins to discover herself.

In this heart-breaking Christmas book, you will experience the beauty in forgiveness, family, and love.

“A Merry Little Meet Cute” – Spicy Fiction

If you love a spicy romantic comedy AND Hallmark movies, then “A Merry Little Meet Cute” is for you! Bee, an adult film star, is given the opportunity to star in a “Hope Channel” Christmas movie! This will be her first gig outside of the adult film industry and she can’t help but think of the doors this could open!

Nolan, an ex-boy-band heartthrob is looking for a way to reinvent himself into a wholesome, serious actor. He was offered the starring role in a new movie with “Hope Channel” and he is hoping this will be his big break.

When Bee and Nolan meet for the first time, they realize they have both been fantasizing about each other for years! Will these fantasies lead to some “real life” Christmas miracles?

“You’re a Mean One Matthew Prince” – Romantic Comedy

For fans of “Schitt’s Creek”, “Red, White, and Royal Blue”, and “The Charm offensive”! Matthew Prince is used to the finer things in life. Designer clothes, first class travel, and a limitless credit card. After a reckless purchase, his parents decide Matthew needs a change of scenery. He is sent to live with his grandparents in the middle of nowhere for the holidays. The worst part? Matthew must share a bedroom with a stranger who wears nothing but FLANNEL (even if he does look REALLY cute in said flannel)!

After a few days spent wallowing in self-pity, Matthew decides that if he can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! He starts to partake in the family’s holiday traditions and slowly starts to warm up to the town. He has even started warming up to his hot roommate! Maybe after this holiday, Matthew’s heart will have grown three sizes.