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11 Bond St, New York, NY 10012

By Lauren Holstein

What do you buy for the person that has it all? Something from Showfields, a shopping and retail space living up to its tagline, "The most interesting store in the world.” Showfields launched in March 2019 to reimagine how shoppers interact with lesser-known or online exclusive direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands. Located in Manhattan's Noho neighborhood, on Bond Street, Showfields is a multi-level store that merges the physical and digital shopping world into an interactive 14,000-square-foot brick-and-mortar retail space. Consumers can engage with direct-to-consumer brands from wellness, home, and design space through constantly evolving pop-up shops that change every three to six months. 

To "wow" consumers throughout four floors, the Showfields retail experience is styled as part art exhibition, part curated community space. Upon walking through the front doors, the friendly staff offers guests a guided tour to ensure you get the experience as designed – which I highly recommend! They also host private and free shopping events for anyone with a group of four or more who call ahead.

Each level is thoughtfully and beautifully customized to take guests on a sensory adventure through sight, taste, smell, and touch with elements like illuminated wall art and perfumed air. The first floor of Showfields is dedicated to wellness and includes a wide array of emerging direct-to-consumer brands. The massive floors are sectioned out into display rooms for each brand to showcase its products through unique elevated in-store experiences. During my trip to Showfields, Brrrn, the world's first and only cool-temperature fitness experience in New York City showcased their reimagined Brrrn At-Home: a DTC and subscription-based fitness platform in-store. Their display included their 6ft adjustable Brrrn Board for lateral movement training, while the area pumped cold air to simulate their in-studio experience. Other vendors with interactive space to test out their products included Tap, a device for keyboardless typing, and CLMB, a cardio and resistance machine. With the knowledge of the trusted staff, you'll know to visit the third floor before the second, which is dedicated to clothing, style, and design. Once done on the third floor, instead of taking the elevator or staircase like any usual store, there is a massive slide to take you back down to the second floor, which is dedicated to home goods and decor. Each vendor display is plusher than the previous with beds, pillows, and clouds floating down from the ceiling.

A unique retail experience is not all that Showfields has to offer. They also host in-person special events and surprises, including live DJ sets, tarot readings, sensory experiences, creative workshops, and sampling and promos by different brands.

In addition to its New York City location, Showfields is currently open in Miami and Los Angeles. The team is looking to expand further to cities ranging from Chicago to Paris and Hong Kong. 

Showfields is open seven days a week from noon to 7 pm. With over 500+ brands having reimagined their retail experience, you’ll never know what you can experience during your trip. Leave with renewed inspiration and (most importantly) all the gifts needed for yourself and your loved ones this holiday season!