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Destination California

By Simran Shah

Summer is officially ahead of us, and in this installment of Great Getaways are some highly rated destinations to visit in California. Last summer, my family and I took a trip to California, and when we landed, we headed straight to the Hilton San Francisco Union Square. The next day, we started with breakfast at Sear Fine Food. Afterward, we took a scenic drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and then stopped at Muir Woods National Park, where you can view some of the tallest and oldest trees in the United States. 

Another must-see destination in San Francisco is Sausalito, where my family and I went on day two of our trip. It is the perfect place to sit back and relax on Rodeo Beach, stop by local shops for souvenirs, or get some of the most delicious ice cream at Lappert's Ice Cream. If you are a Princess Diaries fan, you must visit the filming place for the Princess Diaries High School in San Francisco. In addition, if you want to stop by for lunch, Lorenzo’s is a good Italian place on Pier 39, and if you would like to visit a historical place, visit Hearst Castle, where you can take a tour of the inside of the mansion. Finally, to finish off San Francisco, taking a walk through Crooked Street is a must as it is a unique experience. Lastly, hiking in Yosemite National Park is an excellent way to end San Francisco, as you can see some of the most beautiful waterfalls and landscapes. I highly recommend driving and enjoying the scenic view overlooking the coast; the 17-mile drive is a staple in Monterey County, California. After a long day, we had dinner at an Indian restaurant called Amber, where the food was savory. 

The next destination in California was Los Angeles, where you can visit the famous Hollywood Sign and embark on The Star Line Tour bus, which starts right in front of the adobe theater and takes you all around celebrities' mansions, which include Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Jamie Curtis, and more. To finish off LA, you should visit The Griffith Observatory, where you can see the Hollywood sign and spectacular views. The bonus is that it’s free. Instead of staying in Los Angeles, my family and I stayed in Huntington Beach at The Waterfront Beach Resort, a Hilton Hotel with excellent restaurants, beautiful ocean views, and shops around the area. We stayed for two nights and had breakfast at the Sugar Shack Cafe before making our way to San Diego. 

Our final stop was the serene and beautiful San Diego, where we stayed at the Hotel Del Coronado for two days. The hotel offered a range of activities, from yoga to movies on the beach, golf, and more, allowing us to relax and rejuvenate. We also visited the world-famous San Diego Zoo, the picturesque La Jolla Cove, and San Diego Bay, where we could unwind at some of the most beautiful beaches before heading back home. We hope this inspires you to plan your own summer adventure in California!